What is a Virtual Server?

❓ What is a Virtual Machine?

A Virtual Machine is a software environment that emulates a computer system. It facilitates a substitute for a real machine. They mimic computer architectures and offer the same functionality as a physical computer.

⭐ What are the common features of Virtual Machine?

Here, are some important and most common features of Virtual Machine:

  • Virtualization allows the creation of a separate computing environment within the same host.
  • It allows providing guest access.
  • A group of separate hosts can be tied together and represented to guests as a single virtual host.
  • The ability to control the execution of guest programs

???? What are the benefits of using Virtual Machine?

Here, are some benefits of using Virtual Machine:

  • Using virtualization, you can access the applications or operating system installed on a centralized machine.
  • You can also use virtualization for networking functions, server, and data sharing.
  • It also helps in stimulating the environment by using one hardware that is also called as Hypervisor.
  • You can use the original machine along with one more machine, which is virtual.
  • It offers security options and helps you in keeping your data safe.

⚡ How to setup a Virtual Machine?

Following is a step by step process on how to setup a Virtual Machine:

  • Step 1) Download any of the virtual machine software from above given list
  • Step 2) Install the software on your system
  • Step 3) Download the .iso file of the OS you want to install
  • Step 4) Open the installation file and complete the installation of Virtual Machine software with OS you want to install
  • Step 5) Now, double click on the .exe file and open Virtual Machine

???? What are the best Virtual Machine Software?

Following are some of the best Virtual Machine software:

  • SolarWinds Virtualization Manager
  • VMware Workstation Player
  • Parallels
  • Hyper-V
  • QEMU
  • Red Hat Virtualization
  • Citrix Hyperviso