Terms & Conditions of Service

Also known as House rules

Skyraisen Web Services Terms & Conditions

Services & Hosting subscriptions
An Account May have multiple subscriptions.

Terms set out here are based on a single plan.

Website Security :
A layer of protection against website attacks and vulnerabilities.
Brute force protection
File change detection
Bad User Lock Out
User Action Logs
Database back Ups
Setup Install Re-Captcha
Firewall Maintenance

Website Recovery & Security Disclaimer
Skyraisen is not a cyber crime / hacking / internet security specialist and/or solutions provider. These services differ drastically from core services of a web design company. Cyber crime is an international epidemic with over 30 000 sites hacked a day. Our office can attempt to offer solutions using our advance developer assessments and working with hosting providers. There is however no guarantee a website will not be hacked. No company can offer this guarantee. It is imperative that owners of websites take extra measures to maintain their websites security to reduce risk. There are several specialists you can find on google for this, but risk cannot be completely removed.

This terms and conditions page was last updated on 29 September 2021 and applies to anyone making use of the WP-Awesomeness services.

Explanation and details of the entire service

Here we take a deep dive into the terms of the service and some more in depth details. We keep this page updated so feel free to always refer to this page. If you have any questions please contact us for more information start a new request

Office Service Hours

Maintenance, Updates, Upgrades & Support, Advanced tasks, Advice and our Professional service will be available:

  • Monday to Thursday:
    8am to 4:30pm Any Time (except when we Sleeping)
  • Fridays from
    9am to 4:00pm

South African Standard Time GMT +2

Membership Refunds & Cancellations

  • Applies to all services and hosting plans.
  • For all services. support, maintenance SEO and update services we have to assume that the website is active, that we are able to access the website and be able to successfully login on the WordPress dashboard, all access to the hosting server is available and that the website can be changed or updated If hosted elsewhere.
  • In the case that we are unable to work on the website for whatever reason the relevant month’s payment will be refunded and the subscription will be placed on hold until normal maintenance can resume if selected.
  • The option to be quoted on fixing or rebuilding the website will is available on request.
  • No commitment cancel at any time.
  • Your card won’t be billed again.
  • Access your account to manage your profile and subscription here

Renewal and Payment

  • By subscribing to a service and or hosting plan you agree to pay Skyraisen the monthly subscription cost indicated (This includes custom solutions and negotiated solutions mentioned and included in other communications). Subscription payments will be charged on a prepay basis from the start of the account. If you upgrade the new payment will be due on the next billing date. Payments are not refundable. Your account will be credited.

Automatic Renewal

  • Unless you cancel your account manually or notify Skyraisen of cancellation before the billing date of the subscription your subscription will automatically renew and you hereby authorize us and give us permission to collect the due subscription fee using any credit card or other payment methods we have available. Subscriptions can be canceled manually on your dashboard or you are welcome to email info@skyraisen.com and request a cancellation.

3rd party plugins and themes

  • All licenses must be made available. No licenses for themes or plugins will not be bought or renewed.
  • Plugin or theme licenses are not included unless specified.
  • As technology changes and plugins, plugin support and the capability of 3rd party changes or update quotes and scopes may change to suite and accommodate these changes.
  • We can’t be held accountable and assume no liability or obligation for any and all changes in technology or 3rd party plugins or the way it works.
  • All efforts will always be made available to communicate with 3rd party plugin support but ultimately the relationship is with the 3rd party plugin.
  • 3rd Party plugins are not always totally customizable to suite a WordPress theme.
  • Although all efforts are applied to style 3rd party plugins not all elements are always able to be customized.

Your plan hours (Hours included in your selected plan)

  • 1 Site packages and plans allow for 1 WordPress Website Per Account. Only 1 unique website per account will be serviced. Mmmm, with Skyraisen you may have as many WordPress sites as you like under one domain. The time you buy can be utilized with whatever is needed and within our range.
  • Multi Site packages and plans allow for multiple WordPress Websites Per Account.
  • The monthly hours of your package determinations how much work in total hours can be done per month.
  • Example. If you are on a 1 hour per month package and you want us to add images and some content, do some maintenance, update the website etc you will reach your monthly hour limit. If you have an eCommerce website and you want us to load products it will take 1 hour to upload 3 standard products.
  • When you log a ticket requesting changes / additions / editing / upgrades / advanced support / support items / maintenance we will look at the requested task and see if you have available hours. If you have enough available hours we will continue with the ticket. If you do not have enough available hours we will send you an email requesting you to buy addition hours.
  • Unused hours does not carry over to the next month

Quick Services

  • Some of our products are available per hour. Hours bought are valid for 3 months. Example: If you decide to buy 3 hours of website upgrades you and you only use 2 hours the remaining 1 hour will be available to you and valid for 3 months from date of purchase.

Quick Services Refund & Cancellation

  • If for whatever reason an incorrect product is purchased or if the project can’t be completed due to human/technical/account/hosting and or any other limitation reason of any kind a full refund will be given for unused hours. Please contact info@skyraisen.com for assistance or if you need to talk.


  • All Copy content, brand logos, specified images must always be supplied in easy to use digital, editable usable electronic format
  • All Terms and conditions, Privacy Policies, Cookie Policies, Consent, Disclaimers, Terms of use, POPI, GDPR or similar, Usage terms, Offer content, Legal content, Google account must be supplied.
  • No API integration or any back end/system/core/plugin development included. Please request a quote for API integration or any back end/system/core/plugin development by contacting us


  • SSL Setup – SSL certificates or certificate set up is included with our hosting plans
  • Step by step guidance to creating a hosting account available
  • All access to all hosting will be required if not hosting with Skyraisen
  • WordPress Multi sites not included


By accepting the terms and conditions when you sign up and while using our service you hereby authorize

  • Skyraisen to access your WordPress administration dashboard and web hosting platform and account and to provide active user name / password combinations for access to the server via FTP, assuring that project can successfully be completed and the requested maintenance, tasks included in the membership package and or requests / tasks can be delivered and properly performed.
  • Website Performance & Speed

    • Basic Cache and website Speed available on most of the packages. Although all efforts will be applied to reduce the site load time to an average of between 4 and 5 seconds load time, the server speed of other hosting providers are not in our control.
    • High performance hosting is always recommended. If your server has a slow response time the page speed will be affected. Excessive content (video/ large format high resolution images code and other media as well as tracking scripts and map API’s) Will also impact the load time.
    • Advanced speed and cache management needs to be discussed and quoted on.
    • Free and Premium Cache management plugins are available. Premium cache management plugins like WP Rocket needs to be purchased and is not included and a valid license must be supplied to be configured. Skraisen hosting does not require these dumb plugins.
    • To achieve a 2 second load time or less the website needs to be able to be optimized and could result in significant cosmetic and back end changes. Skyraisen hosting avg load speed without changes cuts it in half.
    • Please email us for more information. A high performance web server with WP Rocket Premium WordPress plugin is advised for further speed optimization but the results are not guaranteed. Again, WP Rocket or any other Premium plugins are not included. Please email us for a quote
    • Please contact us for advice on high performance hosting.

    New Websites and Custom Development

    • This services is dedicated to support of existing websites
    • For new websites or custom development please contact us to discuss

    General and Important

    • Updating of WordPress
    • Updating of WordPress Plugin Updates (If supported/available)
      • Updates can only be performed if the WordPress version is compatible with the plugin, if there is a plugin update
      • If the plugin requires a valid license then the license needs to be supplied
    • No commitment cancel at any time. Your card won’t be billed again after cancellation
    • Unused hours does not carry over to the next month
    • Themes and plugins can only be performed if the theme and plugin is compatible with the version of WordPress.
      • If the theme and or plugins requires a license then you need to supply us with the plugin licenses if required.
      • Themes or plugins that are not compatible/supported won’t be updated
    • No theme or plugin license costs are included
    • Malware removal not available. If your website has malware ir, you suspect a compromise please book a consultation. This service is not included as part of the general services
    • Forcing pages to load via HTTPS – If your hosting provides free/shared SSL (SSL certificate setup not available)
    • Fixing minor responsive layout issues and browser incompatibility – WordPress version 5.1 and up supported.
    • Adding Multi Language Content
      • This upgrade requires extra hours depending on the amount of languages and pages
      • A premium Plugin WPML license is required
      • Language content must be supplied in correct excel spreadsheet format
      • Content format spreadsheet will be provided by support
    • Plugin, theme, script, PHP etc conflicts
      • Compatibility conflicts or errors are not included and require a quote and 3rd party plugin support to fix, if possible. If a plugin or theme is not supported anymore in any way it will be disabled
    • Website restore is only available if there is an existing functioning backup
    • All additional requests or requirements to be quoted on per hourly rate of R500 per hour
    • 2 months backups are archived
    • API Integration, web hooks, Java, JavaScript, jQuery or PHP development, custom development or any other back end or front end development excluded. Please contact us for a quote
    • Skyraisen accepts no liability for any problem(s) not able to remedied due to any matter beyond our control. Including, but not limited to, the framework/ system age / php version / wordpress health / database heath / infrastructure age, hosting / website total health or setup, specification or condition of the customer’s website or infrastructure. As well as a customer’s failure to provide appropriate licenses, media, hosting login details, website administrator login details, content or any other element required to perform maintenance or support.
    • Skyraisen shall, under no circumstances, be liable, either in contract, tort or otherwise for any damages or failure caused to the customer website, database, data, or any third parties solutions. Including, without limitation, any direct and or indirect or consequential damages, expenses, costs, profits, lost savings, earnings, customers, interruption to business activity, lost or corrupted data or other liability arising out of or related to the services provided by Skyraisen or out of upgrade, cloning, amendments, upgrades or use of, or inability to access the customer’s website setup and infrastructure. The customer will, upon demand, indemnify Skyraisen in respect to loss, damage or injury arising from the provision of the services.
    • Skyraisen has no liability to the Customer for data loss or damage incurred in any circumstances whatsoever.

    Responsibilities and Overall Project Success

    Skyraisen and you, the subscriber client agrees that for overall good business practice and project success both parties have to work together for one common goal. If either party does not deliver on it’s responsibilities and commitment to the project to fulfill their necessary obligation the project success won’t be met.

    Reasonable project deadlines are agreed and set in place but won’t be met if both parties does not fulfill on their commitments. It’s again vital for project success that both parties adhere to the agreed deadline by meeting set obligations.

    Skyraisen may appoint 3rd party sources or 3rd party plugin support resources if a task cannot be completed in house. Any 3rd party involvement will clearly be communicated to you the client via email.


    It’s agreed by all parties that in order to deliver the WP-Awesomeness services we require access to confidential information such as admin access to your website and hosting so Skyraisen will have access to confidential information. As it’s not in the service scope to access personal data or website data we still sometimes need to download information in order to do our job.

    Some examples of these instances are but not limited to:
    When data is migrated from one domain to another domain
    When data is backed up on cloud services (Google DRIVE)

    Accordingly, Skyraisen and you the client agrees and undertakes that confidential information of the client may be used by Skyraisen only in connection with the relevant service request. Confidential information as stated above and beyond will be kept in the strictest confidence and will not be disclosed or shared to any 3rd party except with prior written approval via email form you the client except on directive or subpoena issued by any competent court or authority.