Terms & Conditions

Also know as House rules

Skyraisen Web Services Terms & Conditions

Accounts & Hosting subscriptions
An Account May have multiple subscriptions. Our standard hosting subscription plan includes 5gb storage hosted on a virtual private server. Extensions to the subscription are added as needed. Terms set out here are based on a single subscription.

Web Manager Duties:
Monthly Website back Up
DNS Management ~ Domain verification when required.
Ensure website functionality and perform software updates

Website Security Extension:
A layer of protection against website attacks and vulnerabilities.
Brute force protection
File change detection
Bad User Lock Out
User Action Logs
Database back Ups
Setup Install Re-Captcha
Firewall Maintenance

Website Recovery & Security Disclaimer
Skyraisen.com is not a cyber crime / hacking / internet security specialist and solutions provider. These services differ drastically from core services of a web design company. Cyber crime is an international epidemic with over 30 000 sites hacked a day. Our office can attempt to offer solutions using our advance developer assessments and working with hosting providers. There is however no guarantee a website will not be hacked. No company can offer this guarantee. It is imperative that owners of websites take extra measures to maintain their websites security to reduce risk. There are several specialists you can find on google for this, but risk cannot be completely removed.

Tasks billed on an hourly rate of R395.00 per hour. Account holders with active “-20% with the web manager plan
Extensions are billed month to month unless otherwise structured ~ Discounted when paid annually.