Domains Server Statuses

  • Nov 17, 16:08 SASTResolved – This incident has been resolved.Nov 17, 13:50 SASTMonitoring – Found the issue and resolved it.The mail server is up and running again.Busy monitoring connections and performance.Nov 17, 12:44 SASTInvestigating – We are currently investigating the issue on regarding Cpanel access and intermittent mail connection drops.A further update will […]
  • Nov 13, 21:30 SASTResolved – We have investigated the issue regarding which caused downtime on some services. The issue was related to a user's large MySQL query which filled up the /tmp partition on the servers. This caused numerous issue with web services and MySQL.We have since then implemented limits on MySQL and extended […]
  • Nov 9, 08:43 SASTResolved – We experienced an issue with the storage of the MySQL databases which caused a corruption. We were able restore MySQL successfully and we are importing the latest backed up data.We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused.Nov 9, 06:41 SASTInvestigating – We are currently investigating the issue with […]
  • Oct 28, 07:41 SASTResolved – This incident has been resolved.Oct 28, 06:57 SASTUpdate – Data integrity checks are currently being performed on the storage.Oct 28, 06:39 SASTUpdate – We are continuing to work on a fix for this issue.Oct 28, 06:39 SASTIdentified – We are currently working on an outage regarding the NFS shares from […]
  • Oct 1, 11:30 SASTCompleted – The scheduled maintenance has been completed.Oct 1, 10:30 SASTIn progress – Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.Oct 1, 07:36 SASTScheduled – There will be scheduled maintenance on our Spam Filter Control Panel server (SpamExperts)During this time mail delivery will not be affected. However, the […]