Design Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions supersede any previous Terms and Conditions distributed in any form. Skyraisen Web Services reserves the right to change any rates and any of the Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notice. The following Terms and Conditions of Service apply to all products and services provided by Skyraisen Web Services. All work is carried out by Skyraisen Web Services on the understanding that the client has agreed to Skyraisen Web Services’s terms and conditions.

Skyraisen Web Services reserves the copyright on all works, including, but not limited to: words, images, ideas, visuals, graphics and illustrations, unless otherwise stated in writing or until all accounts are resolved. If a selection of concepts is presented, Skyraisen Web Services is only required to provide one strategy as a means of fulfilling the contract. Skyraisen Web Services retains ownership of all other designs.

  1. Ownership:
    Rights to the completed work are retained by the client upon completion of the project and final payment to Skyraisen Web Services.
  2. Feedback:
    The Client should be prepared to provide input on proposed designs, potential ideas, choose the best design strategy for their objectives, and compile and deliver a list of any desired discussion points for changes if needed. Client must sign off on the proof file; Skyraisen Web Services cannot be held liable for any loss or damage that occurs after the final file has been passed through.
  1. Revisions:
    The client acknowledges that any revisions required outside the projected scope of work or after the draft design has been accepted will be subject to a separate charge.
    The client also accepts that Skyraisen Web Services is not responsible for any third-party changes made to a design before or after it is released.
    All additions, revisions, changes in content, layout, or process modifications requested after sign-off will affect time and expense.
    No revisions will be initiated relying on telephonic discussions; all revisions must be communicated in written format (email).
  1. Additions & Alterations:
    If the scope of work, project brief, objective, or other items in the original estimate change or expand, we will provide an additional estimate to the client, which both parties must agree to before any further work is done.
    If the design elements/data supplied or specified is not clear, readable, or in the prescribed format/specification to achieve satisfactory results, a charge may be made to pay any additional work involved. When material is delivered or specified in this manner, no responsibility will be accepted for work that is incomplete due to faults in the supply, format, or specification.
    This includes any incompatibility or faults caused by clashing operating systems or software versions.
  1. Backup:
    Once the file package is delivered to the client, we are not responsible for any backup of the final designs.
  2. Errors & Omissions:
    We’re not in responsible of proofreading. Client is responsible for double-checking proofs and other deliverables for accuracy in all areas, including spelling and technical illustrations. We’re not liable for any errors or omissions. Prior to release for printing, digital
    publication, or other implementation, the client’s signature (or go-ahead email) is necessary on all material.
  3. Deadlines:
    Any project duration offered by Skyraisen Web Services should be regarded as an approximation. Skyraisen Web Services cannot be held liable for any delays in projects, regardless of the cause.
  4. Completion:
    After receiving the Client’s feedback and formal approval, Skyraisen Web Services considers the project complete. Other services, such as printing, display panel fabrication, website uploading, publishing, and so on, that are contracted on the Client’s behalf are handled as a separate project and can be charged separately.
  5. Publication:
    Skyraisen Web Services has the right to utilize all completed designs in digital format for showcasing purposes on our website and social media, as well as to use any designs in its own Publicity or other brand building.
  6. Credit:
    The Client consents to Skyraisen Web Services placing a minimal credit on printed materials, exhibition displays, adverts, and/or a link to Skyraisen Web Services’s own website on the customer’s website.
  7. License:
    Before handing over material for design purposes to Skyraisen Web Services, the client confirms that they have proofread and approved the text content and images (photos stock images online images), and that it holds the applicable copyright and/or trademark licensing by doing so. It is the client’s responsibility to verify if the supplied photographs are licensed and available to use under commercial or non-commercial usage regulations if Skyraisen Web Services is appointed by the client and the project scope confirms to source images (free or paid). If the customer does not provide photographs, the Skyraisen Web Services team will illustrate the design with placeholder images. If the customer signs off on the artwork, Skyraisen Web Services will assume that the client has double-checked and cleared these photos for use lawfully. Skyraisen Web Services legally assumes that the client has not plagiarized information by illegally copying it from other sources. As a result, Skyraisen Web Services cannot be held liable for anything used in the design of any type. If a client gets charged for illegally using images, photos, or text, it is the client’s responsibility and liability to pay legal fees as well as any other fees that may occur as a result of the improper use of information. Skyraisen Web Services cannot be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from the unauthorized use of images, photos, stock Photos, text, copy text, logo marks, affiliated or partnering company branding. Upon proof sign-off, the client accepts ownership and legal responsibility for all project deliverables, including all accompanying graphics and design material. Hereby Skyraisen Web Services indemnifies itself and all of its members from all legal liability.
  1. Confidentiality:
    If any material or information provided by the customer is confidential, the client must notify the designer in writing before the project begins.
  1. Indemnification:
    13.1 Images
    Skyraisen Web Services will make every effort to utilize only royalty-free photos in custom designs. It is understood that Skyraisen Web Services employees, directors, and suppliers will not be held liable for any damages, costs, or expenditures, including reasonable legal fees, originating from or linked to copyright or trademark infringement resulting from photos used at the client’s request or provided by the client.
    13.2 Artwork
    Skyraisen Web Services takes great care in preparing and checking artwork for reproduction. Nevertheless, once artwork has been passed for print or production, we do not accept responsibility for any errors produced by The Client or suppliers (for example, typesetters, printers, etc.).
    13.3 Proofing
    To minimize potential faults, designs will not be processed until The Client has approved them. If the client overlooks something in the proof, or requests that the order go to production without proofing during order placement, Skyraisen Web Services will not be held liable for inaccuracies.
  1. Disclaimer:
    Skyraisen Web Services offers no express or implied warranties for any of the products and/or services it provides. Skyraisen Web Services will not be held liable for any and all damages incurred as a result of the products and/or services it provides. While Skyraisen Web Services take appropriate measures to evaluate the materials we propose, Skyraisen Web Services cannot be held liable for its performance or quality, or for any losses incurred as a result of their failure. Skyraisen Web Services will not intentionally undertake any activities that are in violation of these, and the client agrees to be bound by them as well.

    The client agrees to the Skyraisen Web Services terms and conditions set forth in this document by paying the deposit. The customer understands that they will not sign a written trust agreement documentation until so requested, but that by paying the project deposit, they agree to the Terms and Conditions listed above (As stated on all quotations and invoices).