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Web Design & Web Developing

Not just beautiful websites…..
We feel very strongly about our skills when it come to planning, designing and building websites.


Dedicated website manager for hire to attend to your website’s performance and security, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Private Hosting

All the bells and whistles, even a manager to keep the bells ringing and the whistles whistling…

Plans & Pricing

It’s more than just hosting; it’s managed hosting.

Managed Hosting 2.5

R 215
per month


Website & Email Hosting

2.5gb File storage

Web Manager 5.0

R 585
per month


Website & Email Hosting

5gb Storage + a Web techie for 60min/month

Managed Hosting 2.0

R 385
per month


Website & Email Hosting

5gb File storage

Oh, and don't forget about the Standard Features that comes with hosting.
Whatever your question may be, the answer is always yes, with a quick explanation.

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